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Champions League Round of 16 games – 2/26/20

The first leg of the UEFA Champions League Knockout Round of 16 matches ends on Wednesday.  Two more games will fill your soccer palate.  Both matches will begin at 3 PM EST.

Olympique Lyonnais, or Lyon for short, will be at home to go against Juventus.  Lyon will be hoping to pull off an upset after the season-ending injury of Lyon striker Memphis Depay.  

UEFA saved the best Champions League match-up for last as Real Madrid is at home against Manchester City.  Whichever team loses will be experiencing some major changes next season.  

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    Will Lyon defeat Juventus?

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    Will Real Madrid defeat Manchester City?

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    • Usually, referee decisions hurt Manchester City. I don’t think Real Madrid can score two goals on the road against Manchester City. Plus, Aguero didn’t even play. Pep is really trying to win the Champions League since they could miss out on Champions League for the next two years

  1. I have always been a Fútbol Club Barcelona supporter and I prefer Atlético to Real Madrid. Real Madrid has a lot of Champions League, they have been very lucky in the finals but I do not like Manchester City because it is a millionaire club in the sense it is owned by billionaire people who bought it to have fun, something that is happening in many European countries. I prefer the history and tradition of Real Madrid that the extravaganza of Manchester City. I think in the end, Real Madrid will win. I do not think Lyon can beat Juventus, although I can´t stand Ronaldo as I think he is overrated and much worse than Messi.

    • I think that you sort of resent that Man City took Aguero away from Atletico. I understand where you are coming from though with owners like the ones at Man City, PSG, and Valencia that only care about qualifying for Champions League next season so that they receive the extra money to cover up all of the buying that they have done. Man City has to win Champions League this year since they will probably be suspended for the next two years. Be careful because the coronavirus is in Spain

      • Yes, Coronavirus is in Spain. Masks do nothing we have to wash our hands. Some people were in the north of Italy recently and now the virus is in Barcelona, Madrid and in the Canary Islands. But things are really bad in the north of Italy. With so many international flights the USA will get coronavirus very soon and Donald Trump is afraid of a recession because of it as global economy will suffer a lot. Italy and Europe are suffering right now.

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