Look, Real Madrid just scored again!


After starting the season with a slow start due to a roster overhaul, Real Madrid has found their stride this past week.  The Galaticos have scored eleven goals in their past three matches.  In their UEFA Champions League Group A game against Galatasaray at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid won 6-0.  

The key to Real Madrid’s newfound spark is striker Rodrygo.  Even though he is eighteen years old, he set a Champions League record today.  In the match, he scored the first two goals of the game in the fourth and the seventh minute.  He now holds the record for the quickest to score two goals in any Champions League match.  He later added another goal to become the second youngest player to score a hat trick in a Champions League match.  Only Wayne Rooney was younger.  

Now, Real Madrid fans can stop whining because the team is scoring plenty of goals again.


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