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Candle a Cure

Generally, as winter approaches, diseases such as diarrhea, colds, fever and coughs increase and we use a lot of homemade recipes in addition to going to the doctors to prevent these diseases.

But apart from all those other recipes, have you ever thought about it? that a candle can be a good relief in the state of cold?

At present, science is progressing well and recently a candle has been introduced by a UK company which can be helpful in the treatment of colds. The scent that comes out after burning this candle offered by B&M is like ‘vicks balm’.

We often apply vicks balm to the nose and throat when it comes to cold and flu which gives great comfort, keeping this in mind, the company has introduced this candle.

A user bought a candle from the Eagle eye Store in the UK and shared it on Facebook. He wrote that this candle is very cheap and it helps relieve the cold in winter. Even if it does not cure the cold, its scent is a relief in the home.

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  1. I guess it is a scented candle with either winter green, camphor or peppermint oil that helps easy breathing difficulties during cold and flu. I am just guessing , because I use scented candles at home when my boys have cold or fever.