There is almost no housewife who did not bake on the hot ring or sprinkled food or soup after preparing the meal. Children are also inclined to touch the boiling ore or hot pot unwittingly. And of course, the skin turns red, there are blisters and a whole series of discomfort. Burns are among the most dangerous and worst injuries of the skin, no matter what you burn – on the iron or the stove, or you come into contact with some chemical agent, or you simply have a hot coffee or tea.

Depending on the surface of the skin that is burned and the seriousness of the injury, the burns are divided into three categories – the first, second and third degrees.The number of natural remedies against burns is great, and it will help you to depend on what you currently have at home.

Place the burned spot under running water and let the water run for about half an hour. This procedure is crucial, so that the following resources can accelerate and better burn out burns. Most likely the most powerful home remedy against burns, because it relieves pain, makes the wound faster, it prevents the formation of blisters. Melt the endangered spot with whites and the pain will quickly diminish and it will not be until the whites on the skin are damp. Therefore, constantly burn the burns with fresh whites.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. Running cool water, aloe vera and natural remedies are great for burns to alleviate the pain and the “burning” sensation of course. But these are only for 1st degree burn and light 2nd degree burn. I have often seen and treated patients with 2nd and 3rd degree burns (with the worst one with 80% of his body at varying degrees of 3rd degree burns). He recovered but with difficulties afterward because the skin is not as elastic as it was previous to that type of burns. He also needed some cosmetic surgery.

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