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Books to Read This Month

I bought a new parenting book, Being At Your Best Even When Your Kids Are At Their Worst by Kim John Payne a few months ago, and I thought of finishing it last year, but I didn’t. I am planning to read it this month. It’s already half of the month, and I have just read the first few chapters.

I still haven’t really teach my eldest how to write essays yet. I found two good eBooks written by Waldorf teachers, one is “An English Manual for the Elementary School” by Dorothy Harrer, another is “An English Grammar, the Language before Babel” by Rudolf Schmid. Both eBooks are around 140 pages. I am thinking if I can read 20 pages a day, I can still finish reading them by end of this month. I hope by reading these books, I’ll get some ideas or methods to teach my kids how to write in English.

I hope I can finish reading more books this year. It’s one of my goals for this new year.


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