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Best Workout for Each Blood Type

This post is inspired by one of Ghostwriter’s post where she mentioned about meditation and yoga.

Her post reminds me of an old discussion that I had with my friend about the best workout for each blood type. I learned that each blood type has a different type of work out that will work best for them.

Back then, Yoga becomes a hype in my city and lots of people join a Yoga class including me. My reason back then was because it’s not just good for your body but it will help to relax your mind as well. However, instead of helping me to feel healthy, it makes me crazy because I feel like a stupid person when I need to hold one pose for more than a minute.

Later, I learned that Yoga is not suitable for me because I have an O blood type. What I need is something that required an active movement such as a sport that required me to run. The reason is that the genetic of an O blood type similar to the caveman where they use to hunting. So, high-intensity workout will be a good channel for an O blood type to release their stress and boost their mood.

Meanwhile, Yoga will be great for someone with an A blood type. Their genetic resemble the ancient farmer who used to do less intense activities. In short, what best for an O blood type, will make an A blood type feel burn out. Besides Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi are good options for this blood type.

For people with the B blood type, they tend to enjoy group cardio workout with a lower impact like Zumba and cycling. This theory based on the DNA of the B blood type resembles the nomads, who moved often along with their packs.

Then lastly for the AB blood type, they tend to enjoy both of the workouts for the A and the B type since their DNA is a hybrid between those two blood types.

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  1. It would be great if you could site some studies on this. I am AB- and apparently that’s, not a great blood type to have. They are always calling to see if they can have some more.

    Very interesting stuff. I would love to learn more.

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