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Benefits of Talking to Yourself

I am guessing that many didn’t know that there a benefits of talking to yourself. This a particularly great news for me, because I do it quite often. I was pleased when I stumbled across some research that made me feel better about talking to myself. I am quite excited to share it.

Talking to yourself helps you be self reliant

Talking to yourself helps you be organized

Talking to yourself helps you have more focus

Talking to yourself makes a different part of your brain work (kind of like brushing your teeth with you other hand)

It also reminded me of my clever neighbor. She talks to herself often. Her family was becoming overly concerned. She came to my house and asked if I had any old headsets that I don’t use anymore.

I found a small, but obvious one. So now it appears to others that she is talking on the phone with a headset. Problem solved.

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    Do you ever talk to yourself?

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    Do you like the neighbor’s solution?

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What do you think?


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  1. I am ever so happy to hear all those benefits of talking to oneself as I do it all the time. Sometimes it is just in my head with no lips movement but sometimes it is out loud. Since I do not go out that much, I do not have to worry about nosy neighbors worrying about my sanity or hint of possible Alzheimer… One thing I would never do is wear one of those headset as I would get a blasting headache from having my head ensconced in one of those. But it is very nice of you to have provided one to your neighbor…

  2. I talk to myself when I am making a plan. I want to hear myself talking and I don’t like it when others are also talking when I am talking to myself. My reason is that I couldn’t hear myself. When someone asked me why I need to do that. My answer was simple, I need to get the opinion of the most reliable person on earth for my internet activities. Can you refer someone? They can’t.

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