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Benefits of Eating Bananas

Banana is eaten either just like that or added to smoothies, and dishes. This natural “fast” food is not only convenient and tasty, but it also nourishes the body with all the important substances, helping to maintain health.

An average banana contains dietary fiber, and fibers help improve digestion, while pectin in ripe bananas removes heavy metals and toxins from our bodies.

By normalizing intestinal motility, a large amount of fiber in bananas helps solve problems such as constipation. A wide range of studies has shown that the consumption of bananas can make us smarter thanks to certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that play a role in maintaining brain functioning at optimal levels.

Banana contains tryptophan, tyrosine, and amino acids, which are used in the body to produce serotonin and dopamine – hormones that are known for their ability to regulate mood. When your body gets enough of these amino acids, it can help you stay more focused and calm, reducing stress and anxiety.

Bananas are superfoods for the heart, due to their high level of potassium, a mineral that is considered necessary for heart health, as it can control blood pressure.

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