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Belarus Premier League Week 5 Friday matches

We have a doubleheader on Friday in the Belarus Premier League.  The country of Belarus shows the world how sexist they really are because the men’s professional league is allowed to play during this coronavirus outbreak, but the women’s professional league games in Belarus has been postponed.

Nevertheless, the games go on.  At the very least, it’s better than watching NBA and WNBA players in a HORSE tournament.  The first match are between the two last teams in the standings.  FC Belshina Bobruisk will be hosting against Smolevichy-STI (FK Vigvam Smolevichy).  Neither team has won a match so far in the Belarus Premier League.  A win for either team will definitely boost morale.

The second match will be FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk hosting against Slutsk (FK Slutsksakhar), which could possibly be FEMEN’s favorite team.  Despite the fact that only two points separate both clubs, Slutsk is currently in fourth place, while Shakhtyor is in 12th place in the Belarus Premier League.  A win for either team will move them up considerably in the standings.  A win for Slutsk would put them in first place, while a win for Shakhtyor would put them in fourth place.

  • Question of

    Belshina or Smolevichy?

    • 1Belshina
    • 2Smolevichy
  • Question of

    Shakhtyor or Slutsk?

    • 1Shakhtyor
    • 2Slutsk


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    • Have you ever heard Lukashenko talk? He is using this outbreak to prove that he is the toughest dictator in the world. They already received the end game with the added exposure and TV deals in Europe and in India. Another possibility is that if this outbreak lasts for another year, then the league will begin to lure better players to Belarus.

        • If it’s the only show in town in 2021, then some players will have to bite the bullet and sign there. I want to remain optimistic and continue to hope that something will be found to open things back up, but I do not have confidence in the collective group of world leaders that we have at this time.


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