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Banslochan a Cure

Banslochan, this name may sound strange to you, but it is one of God’s blessings. Banslochan is a type of plant moisture obtained from truffle bamboo. In Arabic it is called Tabasheer.

There is also a trumpet of various types of bamboo, in which the humus is naturally born. One of the different types of bamboo is truffle bamboo, In which the moisture in the cavity naturally arises and after drying, it is  extract from bamboo and there are different approaches to this . This bamboo is found in the forests of Bengal, Java, Sumatra, some parts of the United States.

According to experts, Banslochan is very beneficial and using it strengthens our organs. Its color is white. The best Banslochan is the one that is light white and transparent. According to medical experts, it is good for the heart. Eliminates gastric inflammation and thirst.

In addition, tooth powder is also made of Banslochan which makes the teeth strong. Parents who are worried about their children’s habits eating clay if contacted a specialist and accredited physician, there is possibility that, he may advise you to use Banslochan.

Experts say that the moisture itself tastes like clay. However, before using this magical Banslochan- that is useful to humans, it is important to know the quantity and method of eating that only a specialist can tell.

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