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Backyard Bluebirds from 2018

Spring will be here soon. The bluebirds usually arrive the last of February or in March. Depends on the weather.

Last year I had so many birds building nests in the backyard, they were unsuccessful in raising a family. I was very sad as this was the fist time in about ten  years with no bluebirds.

The robins made it here first and had two nests when the bluebirds arrived. The robins were protecting their nests and chased off the bluebirds.

We will see what happens this year. I really hope to have bluebirds and babies. Fingers crossed.

This photo was taken last year. They built a nest but was never able to lay the eggs.

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    • I hope so too, thank you. It will be a few more weeks before they are ready to start a nest. Tried the worms and the mockingbirds took over, they are twice the size. I have tried dried mealworms and that worked one year, in an enclosed feeder. They are ground feeders and usually prefer getting their own food.

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