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Avocados are Double Joy: Tasty and Healthy

When I was young and growing up in Miami, Florida, some of our neighbors had avocado trees.  We didn’t have to buy them from the store.  The neighbors were very generous and gave my mother bags full of them.  I love avocados.  My mother would put them in salads.  But I would just eat the avocado by itself with a little squirt of lime or lemon juice, and a light sprinkling of salt and black pepper.

Then I moved to Texas.  The stores mostly sell the Hass avocados from California.  Compared to the huge Florida avocados I used to eat, there is no comparison.  But I buy them anyway because that’s what’s in the produce section of the grocery store.  If I want the Florida avocados I have to shop at a specialty store.  Unreal!

Anyway!  These days it seems people just can’t enough avocados.  They are being used in all kinds of recipes, including chocolate mousse and brownies! You can also fry them like french fries!  Avocado fries. Who knew?  I didn’t know.  In fact, I remember reading somewhere that avocados are in such high demand that the Mexican drug cartels are trying to muscle their way into the market so they can push up the prices.  Can you believe that?  If it’s true that really makes me mad.  But I don’t want to go off on a rant about the impact of underworld organized crime on the international economy and our daily lives.

Are you often surprised to find that many of the delicious foods you enjoyed freely eating while growing up, like avocados, have tremendous health benefits?  You were eating healthy and didn’t even know it.  So avocados taste good, they’re good for me AND … now I’m discovering there are lots of great recipes where they are the main ingredient.  In fact, there are Flipboard magazines wholly devoted to what is now revered as one of the world’s healthiest foods, the avocado. Cool huh?

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