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The following content is not suitable for sensitive viewers!

But if you’re old enough, you won’t still be a sensitive YOUNG viewer, because at our age we have generally discarded the words, Vanity, beauty, and longevity.

Are we not all adults, no matter what our age? Because, if you’re not there yet, too damned soon you will be. We know that it’s not about how old we are, but how we choose to live, exercise and eat, and live the lives that we have left. We’re comfortable in our wrinkled or unwrinkled skins. The ones I’m addressing here are commonly referred to as senior citizens, to the ones following in our footsteps, let me tell you this, we haven’t stopped contributing; we’re just getting started. 

We have no illusions and know with absolute clarity, and certainty, that we’re getting closer to the ceiling than we are to the floor. We know more about life because we’ve lived longer and learned more about life’s lessons. We’re happier, on the whole than many of you young people. Surprisingly, unlike your obsessions with eternal life, or longevity, we don’t want to live forever. We know, at this point in our existence, the consciousness of mortality is not an elective subject.


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    • Some days our minds are vibrant and full of the essence of life but our bodies feel the wear and tear of our aging muscles and joints a little worse than the day before. I believe, that those days we should provide comfort and push it just a little less. 👵👨‍🦳

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