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Are you a strong-willed person?

Are you a strong-willed person?

What is a strong-willed person? For me, it is man guided by discipline and purposefully going toward the goal. What does it mean in reality to have a strong will?

I guess you had heard in some kind of conversation such words: “you have so much will!” Usually, after we say: “I would not be able so”.

Does it seem like a strong will is just an exclusive grace, provided not for everyone?

Strong will is idealized and considered as inspirational, but people are claiming that they have no will, believe that in order to become strong-willed people, they must to overcome the long way of limitation and put in permanent efforts.

I think right are those who claim that a strong will can be developed by everyone, we just need to discipline ourselves. Most importantly how we understand will and how we develop it.

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