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Apple cider vinegar is beneficial and also harmful

Everything has a way to use and sometimes these methods are not followed, then its harmful instead beneficial. Similarly, apple vinegar  is very useful for reducing weight, improving mental health and heart. It is said that the use of apple vinegar is a prescription for healthy life. However, if it is not used properly, it may also be harmful to our health. So take care of these things using apple Vinegar in your daily life.

The right way to use the apple head is to drink it mixed with water, because of pure use of apple vinegar can cause severe disorders for stomach and throat.

If you use Apple Vinegar after your meal, then change your habit now and use it empty stomach 20 minutes before having meal, it will be very helpful, which also keeps the digestive system healthy.

The apple vinegar, where it improves the internal health of our body, it also keep your face beautiful and fresh if applied on the face, but it effect the skin if applied directly on face, it can cause skin disorders.

Therefore, those who use apple Vinegar are advised, Instead of applying it directly to the face, apply it in water, and through this process it not be harmful.

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  1. I heard it helped with weight loss but only tried once with no water and wondered why such a torture was suggested. Good to know it had to be taken with water, it makes sense. 😅
    I don’t think I’ll ever drink vinegar again, but I like foods that are preserved in it. I sometimes eat breaded cutlets that are marinated in vinegar (typical recipe in my region) and I gotta say they’re more filling compared to ordinary breaded cutlets, and easier to digest, it must be due to vinegar. Good for the diet, with moderation, because of course, it is acid. 😊

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