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Any Projects lately?

Stacy loves to help people out and feel needed. This image shows Stacy helping her step-dad put up a storage shed for his lawnmower etc. 


Image Credit-LaJenna

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    Any projects you are doing lately?

    • Yes
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    Do you enjoy helping others?

    • Yes


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Written by LaJenna


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  1. I have concluded a new book. My stories are not long but I would love to publish it this year. I talked about my new project here. I am reading and reading, again and again, the manuscript to have it in a perfect way before sending it to evaluation.

  2. Lovely to be able to help others & for others to receive help, makes it all worthwhile! Yes, at times I have projects been blessed to receive help, other times I do it myself, like a very tough garden to set up, plus very disabled husband to help. He is worth it and hopefully in time will improve.
    I have multiple projects!

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