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Another Garden Favorite Has Appeared

Coral bells are extremely easy to grow, as long as they don’t stay too wet. Many species of coral bells are native to rocky cliffs and places that have very good drainage, so they don’t like sitting in too much water. Depending on the variety, some coral bells can perform well in sun or shade, while others may burn in too much sun. Check the requirements of specific varieties before planting in full sun. 

Varieties that offer showy blooms as well as fancy foliage are much loved my hummingbirds. In order to keep these blooms going even longer, make sure to deadhead spent blooms. This may encourage the plants to produce a second wave of blooms. 

Some varieties will also sporadically bloom throughout the growing season. Blossoms of coral bells even make long-lasting cut flowers!

Sharing a photo from my front garden. Love the dark foliage and tiny blooms. There is a tiny spider if you look closely. They return every year.

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