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Angry Clouds

This was taken last Sunday afternoon. It’s still summer.

It was rather a regular hot summer afternoon. I was tinkering in front of my laptop. Then all of a sudden I heard the wind picked up. And felt the sudden drop of temperature.

I stepped outside and saw how strong the wind was. Dark clouds have covered most of the skies on the west.

I picked a dey leaf and crushed it and let the pieces fall to see where the wind is blowing to. It was southwards. But the clouds were being blown in the opposite direction. I did not like it.

For a moment, I saw a piece of the clouds seem to make a cone shape. Will it turn into a funnel? Am I going to witness a formation of a tornado?  I was already holding my phone taking a video.

I was both excited and bothered. Thankfully, the strong winds blew the clouds farther north.

The photo shows where the dark clouds were blown into. They are over the sea already.


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Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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