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Anger – What Anger Does To You?

I shredded the state of his mind  – Nancy Pelosi

This poor lady believed that she hurt Trump by her act of shredding his speech. She did more damage to herself, I would think. Often when a bad deed is left alone, not reciprocated it works as a positive, especially in social and political situations when the whole world is watching you.

Anger is one of our strong emotions . While you feel you are paying someone back in their own coin  you tend to tear yourself apart with this seething fire within. Anger burns you emotionally and physical from within.

Here are some points on What Anger does to you

Anger increases your heart rate and the chances of having a heart attack doubles within two hours of an angry outburst.

Unexpressed anger builds like a volcano within and keeps increasing the pressure on your heart.

The risk of a stroke from a blood clot or internal bleeding also increases with anger outbursts.

It weaken your immune system. After anger outburst there is a 6 hour dip in the levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A.

It also hurts your lungs and could lead to an increase in respiratory problems.

Increase you anxiety levels and dents mental health.

Anger issues when not controlled could have a negative impact on your social and personal relationships.

The truth is you can channel your anger in positive ways.


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