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Anger – I Need to Rant

Well there are times I feel like a good rant, but then I know that the aftertaste of a rant never feels good. I always end up regretting the tone of my voice or the choice of words  (although, I am never abusive or use foul words) or just the fact that I behaved badly makes me feel awful. Maybe it is just my upbringing, but I can hardly feel good after a rant. This has left me with no choice but to channel my energy into something creative.

Do I ever feel relieved after a rant? Not really. So why rant? That seems like a good question to ask. Why Rant at all? There used to be a time (many, many years ago) when I gave in to writing my feelings on a piece of paper and burning it. It just helped me give vent to my emotions rather than have them build up within and and make me blow up at a moment when I least expect it.

I found that talking to someone to telling someone how I feel, got me into trouble most of the time. Not that I had bad friends, but somewhere ,somehow it always came back at me. It was then I decided that I would learn to handle my emotions and take control of them. It was a difficult journey. However once I got started there was no looking back, since then I have  had no major issues with emotions. As a teenager I used to be a lot angry, but those are teen years. The hormones are in play.

Being in control of emotions, be it happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, jealousy etc. feels like complete freedom. It is not that you don’t feel those emotions anymore, it is just that you know how to put a lid on it even in the face of taunts, bullying , snickering, meanness etc.

You have the last laugh, but then you chose not to because you know you’ve been there as well.  You grow , you mature , you are in control. The real beauty of being in control over your emotions is that you feel less stressed and almost always in peace with yourself and those around you. Life seems even more  beautiful than it is.

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    Being in control of your emotions is important , right?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not so sure
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    Having the last laugh is nothing compared to being at peace within , right?

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    • No


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  1. If that is your opinion you are entitled to it. As a mental health professional I say what I know, what has been researched and studied.
    I will not go into the next point you brought up here, I don’t have to prove or defend myself. You can understand what you want.

    • I have never been rude to anyone, you can check this on this site, what I stated is said in a matter of fact tone.
      If it was an apology it would have been graciously accepted.
      I don’t read or respond to your posts. you are restarting this whole thing again.

  2. The quest for peace is so critical. i wish to find it often, but do not always achieve it. I seek it, grasp it at times, hold it tightly but it floats away.

    It is there, like a red balloon, just out of my grasp,

    but I seek it always.

        • Peace is certainly out of the window for most people and countries. Just watching the news is enough to chase peace out. The covid 19 nightmare is enough to make people lose their minds. The untold suffering of many seems to make even the well grounded a bit weak in the knees. I have decided that I am not going to watch the news for the rest of the day.

          • i limit myself to once a week for the news now.

            we have to find a path forward that we (we is the operational word here) can be comfortable and happy again!

          • Hmm.. once a week, that is a lot of restraint. I find restricting myself to once a day seems like the impossible.
            What is happening in the US scares me. The apathy and the agony that results makes me wonder what kind of choices we have made.


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