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And Then The Dreams Came….

After a day of dead people letting me know they are here I made sure I went to sleep with my protection stone.

I slept restless, first dream was getting kissed by a diseased person.

It rolled into another place, I know this lady and I have been here before in this dream, he furniture is pulled into the middle of the floor and she walks behind it and up the stairs, but I don`t see her, is this her dead granddaughter?

Now to Nellie`s house, someone was in my keyed box and lost the key, I allowed the person to use my key and get their stuff out and go away, I was mad and the other woman walked me out to the windowed porch, she was showing me what she had in her purse, it was Vicki but the lady that owned this house was Nellie, the lady that died 5 years ago, it was hot so hot in this room, she told me to open the windows and I slide open the windows, looking at the view and saying how beautiful it is here.

I am walking down this dirt road with a bag in my arms, I know this road, I have been here before but only in my dreams, its a garage downstairs and my apartment upstairs, the guys all know me, I am in love with one of them. One asked “where are you going?” I replied to the bathroom and continued walking. I was on the stairs, I began to throw salt and ask Jesus to clear my way, for all bad to get out, I was getting overwhelmed, something evil was all around me and trying to force me down the stairs, but I stood still, realizing this was to strong for me to fight alone I eased back down the flight of stairs, I leaned against a post coming back to myself. My love walked over, put his hands on my face and was talking to me, I didnt know him but he has beautiful dark brown eyes, there was something about how he held my face and head that made me uncomfortable and I pulled back, he leaned over to kiss me and I turned my head, he kissed my neck. A couple of the other guys walked over and I pulled away……. I woke.

By Andria Perry

Art by Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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