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Amazing Abouts Two Oceans Meet But never Mix

Gulf of Alaska is the place where  two oceans  meet but naturly , they never mix with  each other. The colour  of two oceans are dark blue and other electric  blue,water in that merging point is clear and stunning.

These are not two oceans but a glacier melting and other is off shore water of the Gulf of Alaska. The glaciers  water is rich in minerals and other is saline water.

Modern science introduced this fact now.But in my Holy Book Quran PAK is described  these  facts 1400 years before .In my Holy Book Quran GOD  says,

“And it is He who merged the  two sea;this one fresh and sweet, and that one salty and bitter;and placed between  them a barrier, and an impassable  boundary.


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Written by Hina Hamid

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