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Alphabet Challenge – Grafting

Grafting plants is one of my favorite hobbies. Its easy to graft cacti as they have a sticky sap and easily adhere to each other. This moon cactus here is a grafted  piece. its grafted on to another cactus mainly because it cannot survive on its own.

Grafting other plants is not so easy. I have grafted hibiscus, Adeneniums and roses. I have have the highest amount of failure with roses. It needs a lot of practice. Hibiscus and Adeniums are easy though some grafts have failed.

Vinca, Frangipani (plumeria)  lemons and other fruit trees are easier to graft too, with some practice.  I love grafting various colors of flowers on to one plant as it produces a stunning effect while all are in bloom.  Adeniums being compact are great for grafting different colors.

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    • I am waiting for the rains to get over, the hibiscus flowers get lashed and muddied by the rain. I will prune it and hope to take a great picture soon. Post it soon I hope.