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Alphabet Challenge -C Chrysanthemums

Here is my post for the Alphabet challenge for Friday. I love these chrysanthemums. They have been with me for years  and are ready to bloom again this year.

I hardly have to do much to care for these plants. I trim them after the finish blooming and give them some compost from the bin.  I only look at them the next flowering season, I cut them back and give them a good feeding and they bloom in abundance. I propagate them mostly by cutting . When I re-pot them I divide the plants.

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    Do you like mums?

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    Do you grow them in your garden?

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Written by Dawn


    • I have heard this earlier. We used to have a similar traditions but that was more with white and yellow ones. The other colors are quite popular in garden.

  1. What I have come to believe is that where I live weather is not conducive to many flowers and yet I manage to have colour in my garden. I have had several Mums but I need to repot them unlike in your case and if I miss to do it they vanish