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Aloe vera is good for our skin

Aloe Vera inculcates much medicinal treatment and it is good for our skin naturally. The malic acid present in the Aloe vera treats the skin. Aloe vera tightens your skin and prevents from loosening. It is highly recommendable when it comes to firming and skin tightening. As mentioned, the malic acid in the gel of aloe vera helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and averts the sagging skin.

You could use it by applying the gel on your face or the affected part of the place and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash out with warm water. Follow the process regularly and you would witness the result on your skin.

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Written by Yogesh sawant


  1. In Jamaica we call it sinkle bible. We use it on our hair, (very good for the scalp and covers grey) on our skin, for many reasons.

    A fresh cut leaf had a golden blood which you can use in your eye to remove red and irritation. I will cut the strand hold it up and let the gold drip into my eye. It works.