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All cleaned and ready to eat

This is how I get to eat our jack fruit. It is cut, cleaned, seeds removed and placed in a tray like this. During my childhood, mother just cut the jack fruit into pieces and we had fend for ourselves – cleaning 

These days there is no demand for jack fruit as they are sold whole  Today’s generation has no patience to go through the process.  They simply say that they do not like the fruit.  All lies (lol) It is nothing but laziness.  You could say the same thing about me but I am a senior and so I need help around  As a kid I went through that process of cleaning. 

Our trees are packed with fruits in a couple of weeks we will be harvesting them and a grocer is interested in buying them. 

  • Would you go through that process of cleaning or you say you just do not like the fruit?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. How funny, a friend just mentioned jackfruit and I remembered a video on how to eat it that I watched before. I have to confess that I am a bit lazy, but I guess it depends on which one prevails – the taste or the laziness. I have never tried it.


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