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Actors Who Are Always Good: Harry Belafonte

Americans from my generation (50s, 60s, and 70s) know Harry Belafonte (born Harold George Bellanfanti Jr.).  We know the lyrics to the Banana Boat and Matilda songs, backward and forward.  Several years back (1997) there was a special program on television – “An Evening With Harry Belafonte & Friends” – where he sang many songs accompanied by fabulous singers and musicians.  He performed Banana Boat and Matilda.  I’m sure he knew that if he didn’t the audience would have been very disappointed.

We know Mr. Belafonte for his singing, but we also know him for the memorable roles he has played in several films like “Carmen Jones” (1954), and “Island in the Sun” (1957).  He has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Kennedy Center Honors.

In addition to knowing him as an extremely talented triple threat, i.e. he can sing, dance and act – we also know him to be a civil rights activist and a humanitarian, involved in many good works.  Giving honor where honor is due, one person referred to Mr. Belafonte as “living history”. You don’t have to read the events in a book when you can talk to someone who was alive during the time. Mr. Belafonte was born March 1, 1927, and is 92 years young as of today.  Hope he knows how much his talent and his selfless works are appreciated.

With regard to his career in films, the question of Good Guy versus Bad Guy is irrelevant.  He has always been a good guy.  If he was a bad guy, I haven’t seen the movie!

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Harry Belafonte ~ Career Highlights and Historical Moments:

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