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Accountability for the hospital day that was the 22nd

We all managed to make it through the experience and we are still talking. Miracles can happen.  My dates are jumbled, my fingers all fumbled and though it may seem that I am out of control, I would like to think and took a round about way and you can figure it out. 

Really I am too tired to get in all straight. On my huge chart I have something marked with stickers every day so I am good.

I do however need to bed straight away. I am beat down and tired. If tomorrow comes I will figure it all out.

  • Do ever feel totally exhausted?

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What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. No platitudes or glad-handing will make it easier to get up and keep going. The reality is you have to want to, you have to decide that tomorrow is the day you are going to see change.

    I wish you the best possible future day.
    I send you all my smile energy.
    Don’t let the darkness win.