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Accasia Tree In Africa-


The moment you experience the taste of the African dust and the sensual feel of the first rain on your parched lips after a dry merciless summer sun, you are once again, an African!

For, though many choose to think otherwise, once upon a time, eons ago there was one land, Gondwana land or Maropeng, The birthplace of all mankind. With a mighty crash, one day, a gigantic world fell from the sky and struck a profound blow scattering pieces of all shapes and sizes that were attached to Africa.

When the African full moon rises, she sets your blood on fire, for your visit is a homecoming, for I am Africa, your mother, come hither to my bosom, oh wandering one.

You cannot but long for the cry of the fish eagle. That hunger you constantly feel, that longing in your soul is I, Mama Africa, calling you home, away from the iniquities in the cities of the world

Come, my child, come home and rest beneath the stars and once more, be at peace, my child. I eagerly await your homecoming with arms wide open.

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  1. In Nove3mber, I came back from Kenya. No, I did not felt as it would be my home. It is a very nice land but too poor and too trashy. I could not live there even having in mind all the beauty of their beaches. may in the future, I will explore other African countries. Will see.

      • Yes, I can imagine. But I do not understand those people. I saw many of them sitting in the middle of trash and no one cares about to clean it all. The parks: people lay down on the grass and everywhere mountains of trash and even animals leave their dirt right there. Africans need to change their mentality first of all and stop trashing their beautiful country. No one will come and clean it for them, they have to do it ourselves.

        • You had better be careful with speaking the truth because the entire world is having a huge romance with the Lion King, Black Panther, and other such Hollywood crap. The real thing, is what you saw with your own eyes in Kenya. I was born here and it has never been different. Every building, road, toilet, water tap, hospital, farm, mine, was put here by the whites or so-called Colonials, (I’m one) Since the entire world kept pushing us to give the masses independence, we finally gave in and this is the result. 54 murders per day. Rape ranging from 2 months old to 94 years. The world decided to have a Rainbow nation, so they stick their heads into the ground like an ostrich. That is the truth. Sweden was the communist party and ANC’s biggest allies, now they are sorry. He, he, let’s see if this truth gets banned!

          • I am a straight word person and I never hide my opinion under nice words. I agree with each word you wrote there, we also were discussing the same when traveled there. One day we were told that if people caught robbers or rapists, they can easily burn them alive, that it was happening not so rarely. When colonists were ruling these countries, there were order and law was working. It looks like black people are still far away from understanding how to rule their own countries. But everywhere are problems, we have them in Europe too. All migration of people from poor countries brought even more problems and some countries are already unable to cope with them. In same Sweden, the number of rapes increased drastically. I heard ANC’s office in Stockholm has been bombed in September.

    • The landscape is incredible and that is it. It is also the continent with the lowest recorded human I.Q. quotient of 75 and that was an American study conducted using final year Psychology students from Wits University, South-Africa, in the test. It is also, as far as I can tell, the only place on earth where a University degree is passed on an aggregate of 33+1/3 % Can you imagine being operated on by a brain surgeon with a pass rate of 33%, being a passenger on an aircraft, a tour bus, or the train? Scary but 100% true. but besides all that, it an incredible continent.

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