A TV sporting dilemma!

Yesterday (Sunday 14th July) presented a huge difficulty for me, being someone who loves to watch certain sports on TV, three of these being cricket, tennis and Formula 1.

It so happened that all three of these had a special day yesterday. It was the British Grand Prix, the final of the gentlemen’s singles at Wimbledon, and the final of the cricket World Cup. The events overlapped, in that there was a period of time when all three were taking place.

We are used to the Wimbledon Championships being televised – it happens every year with the BBC devoting many hours of coverage to them over the two weeks during which they take place, but that is not normally the case with Formula 1 and cricket, unless you choose to subscribe to satellite TV.

However, an agreement was reached this year between Sky and Channel 4 for the British Grand Prix to be shown live on the terrestrial channel. The same happened with the cricket; although there has been no free-to-air cricket on British TV since 2005, an exception has been made this year for the cup final from Lord’s.

Hence the dilemma! Which of these three superb sports events to watch live?

Things got even worse given the way that two of the events turned out. The tennis final, between Roger Federer and Novak Djokavic, lasted for five hours with the result in doubt until the very end, and the cricket, between England and New Zealand, was, by general agreement, the most exciting match that anyone had ever witnessed, with the scores being tied both in the match itself and the “super over” that followed.

In the end, I spent more time watching the cricket than the other two, although there was quite a bit of channel hopping involved. I’m glad I did – that match was something I will never forget.

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    Which of the three would you have given priority to?

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  1. I ended up watching Wimbledon because it was Djokovic vs Federer. Cricket is not shown on US TV so I was unable to watch the final. I haven’t watched Formula One in a while even though Leonard Hamilton is having one of the most dominant seasons ever.

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