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A True Accountant

I am a firm believer that a two parent home is a healthy way to grow up. My father was a “true” accountant. Everything in his world was black or white. All the numbers had to add up and be in a row. Every aspect of his live was a well planned out business.  It is a very structured and predictable way to live. The rules and expectations are clear and he was happiest when his business was running like clockwork. He loved order. He was impressed by perfection. His numbers always added up.

I will never understand how he ended up with my Mom.  She firmly believed that rules were made to be bent not broken. If it all works out in the end all is well. If there is work to be done, there must be some fun to be had as well.

We knew when our parents were having a disagreement. We heard no yelling or saw no fighting. They would just retreat to a room (any with a door ) and talked things out. Parents actually fighting was not something we had ever seen in our home.

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    Should I feel blessed to be raised by opposites?

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    Would you choose different parents if you could?

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  1. We should be grateful for our parents who ever they were, even with plenty of faults you can learn a lot for them. I am grateful both had plenty of wisdom.
    My Dad was a decisive person but somehow threw everything together and was not neat and tidy.
    Mum was indecisive and everything had to be put in neat little rows.
    My Dad was a Bank manager and later became Bank executive, which meant he was in charge of several Banks. He found crooked Bank managers and had to go to court which was a very unpleasant job.
    The best I did was double entry bookeeping but that is very easy.

  2. We should all be grateful having our parents. I believe that no two person are alike. Given a chance to choose a parent I will always choose my parents because they may not be perfect but they’re love for us is enough to fill those imperfections.

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