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A stroll on the terrace caught my eye

We had this rose plant not doing well at all.  It was alive but not yielding. We have pots on our terrace and the Alamanda hid the rose plant and that perhaps provided the necessary shade which was required for the rose plant as it is hot on the terrace 

I was happy to see this partially bloomed rose giving me a ray of hope that it will thrive and start yielding. This was the best rose we ever had and we called it the Pride of Solitaire. 

Hope I will get a repeat of that.  

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  1. That is great that the rose survived. I have a battle here with plants, whether I planted them or they were already here on the homestead. My hubby thinks we don’t need plants and trees and mows over what he can. I was blessed to have saved a good bit of wisteria last year. I’ll be posting on that soon. Waiting for a better picture!


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