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A Heart of Gold

I do not have too many friends , I mean real friends, I have many acquaintances.  The handful of friends that I have have been with me through the good and the bad. A special friend of mine with whom I went to preparatory school all the way up to post graduation (yes we really studied all those years together) has remained on of my best friends to this day. When all my siblings and I left home to pursue a career or education in my case, this friend stayed and helped my mom.

He stood by me when I decided to marry someone who doesn’t even speak my language. He egged me on when I was at college to receive the award for the best student., He stood by me when my mom passed on. He was there all the time. Many thought he was the one I would marry when we were in college. He was and will always remain my best friend and I will always be indebted to him.

It is rare to find such friend these days. A friend with a heart of gold, who doesn’t have his own agenda. He is the simplest person I have known. Honestly I can say that he is the only selfless person I have ever known.

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    Do you have many friends?

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Written by Dawn

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