A handmade Christmas tree

It certainly did not look real but we were satisfied with the results. The structure of the tree is made from bamboo sticks – my husband’s idea. I merely dressed it up to give it a look that resembled a Christmas tree. There was joy in putting it up This base was used for several years until I got the present tree which was bought online. The structure is still there somewhere on the attic but I have no desire to use it now.

What is Christmas without a Christmas Tree? Putting up the tree with carols playing in the background does get us into the mood. We never had this in our culture before but it has been picked up looking around. Making typical Christmas sweets, cleaning up the place, going for choir practice, putting up the crib – these are the things that brought us into the mood in the good old days.

Till about two years ago we used to put up a crib. And that will be another post.

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