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There are many countries which are famous for their tourism Industry. Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapur, Malayasia, Caneda, and Hong Kong are few of them. But these are very costly countries in term of expenses. It is very difficult for common men to travel and visit these countries. Maldives a small country situated in South Asia is the perfect place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful country of the world. These expenses to visit this place are less then compare to countries mentioned above.

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  1. New Zealand is not so expensive to travel in here if you live here or know a New Zealander…

    However it costs a lot of money to go by car from the North Island to the South Island, as it is a 3 hour trip. About $400. If you are a tourist, best to fly rather than go by the inter islander ..

    Petrol is more expensive here in New Zealand than America or Australia, and some areas are more expensive for petrol than others. Australians pay half the price of petrol than what we do in New Zealand.

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