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Hugs and kisses and good cheer, wishes! 

May you and yours achieve whatever dreams you have set for 2020!

 There is no better way to commit than to do so in writing in a paper journal. Sure, you can misplace it temporarily but it will take a whole lot more effort than hitting the delete button and if you are living in a country like ours where power outages are a way of life you can still keep on journaling by lamplight or by candle power. 

On a favorite radio station this morning there was a hot debate, apparently, we are not sure if it was the actual end of the decade. Yep! you read that one right. People the world over are just not that sure was it at midnight this morning or will it be at the end of 2020? Are you sure of your facts? 

  • Was it really the end of the decade this morning?

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