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It’s the best view I have had so far, the tree on the right is a fig -tree which normally yields great harvests. This year however there were hardly any. Roundabout this time we normally have lots of seed and fruit-eating birds coming around, all of them flutter and chirp, almost as if their impatient actions are going to magically ripen the fruit. 

Who knows, maybe they are on to something there. Oh, well, we have another five hours to go to midnight. Dogs and cats are getting agitated and starting to whimper and yelp, because of the infernal fireworks, is there even a word like infernal? Let me check. Yep, there sure is and it’s a perfect fit at that, ” infernal definition: 1. very bad or unpleasant: 2. having the qualities of hell!” 

The president of the national animal rescue department said that on January 1, they don’t only have to deal with traumatized or hurt dogs and cats, the roads are usually littered with hundreds of dead birds that have died of shock or have flown into structures or in front of oncoming cars.

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  1. There are plenty of people that do not know how to use fireworks. To stay away from fireworks, I google a picture of the hand of Jason Pierre-Paul after he blew two of his fingers off using illegal fireworks. Fortunately, he is still in the NFL with Tampa Bay.

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