2019 Charleston Classic Semifinals

In the Charleston Classic, all of the favorites in the quarterfinals won their games yesterday.  That means that there will be a little bit of intrigue in the semifinals today at the TD Arena in Charleston, SC.

The first game will be a regional rivalry game between Miami (FL) and Florida.  Normally, these teams will not play against each other because the animosity between the two schools is that deep.  This game will be for supremacy in Florida this season.

The second game will be between Xavier and UConn.  UConn will be back in the Big East Conference next season after a seven-year hiatus, but they will play against current Big East member Xavier in what will soon become an awesome rivalry between two well-known basketball schools.

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    Miami (FL) vs Florida? Who will win?

    • Miami (FL)
    • Florida
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    Xavier vs UConn? Who will win?

    • Xavier
    • UConn


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