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Alan Griffin steps on a player


The problem is that you are not supposed to step on a player when you are playing basketball.  In the Illinois Fighting Illini victory over the Purdue Boilermakers on Tuesday night, the Illini’s Alan Griffin was ejected with about 12 minutes remaining in the first half when he stepped on a Purdue player.  I know that the Big Ten is physical, but you are not supposed to step on another person as if you are doing a kick-push on a skateboard.

What was he thinking?  Illinois is on a good run, a run that has not been seen in Champaign for quite some time.  Hopefully, this idiot will be suspended for a few games.


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      • Yes, I mean he followed his emotions/anger to do it. It was a comment regarding the bit in your text about what he was thinking.
        It’s really an awful act, it was clearly on purpose because if it was a mistake he would have at least turned back to look at the other player.

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