Labor of love (8/9)

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The easiest way to see the difference after a year’s worth of the labor of love is to compare what it was with what it became. I fully plan on continuing with the labor of love this year. In fact, the flowerbeds have been cleaned out, daffodils are in bloom, tulips, Russian sage, daylilies, irises, chives, bellflowers, and hyacinth is coming up, and I have new flowerbeds to work on this year, too.

The effort is so worth it and the flowerbeds no longer look ugly. I find it exceptionally appropriate, as well, in another way. 

A person who is without love is like the picture on the left. They aren’t fruitful. Instead, their lives are filled with rocks and debris. Their lives are a veritable wasteland with nothing growing. They don’t live, they merely exist.

However, if they allow love in and begin to show others that love whenever there is an opportunity, the flowerbed of their soul becomes like the picture on the right; full of life, vibrant, growing, and fertile. Every one of us must choose which flowerbed our lives will be. It takes some effort to have a flourishing and beauty-filled life, but isn’t the effort worth it?

God clearly thinks so.

Written by Rex Trulove