About a year after the project start (7/9)

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This picture is roughly one year after the first picture when I began the project. This picture was taken in June 2017, in front of the sanctuary building. By the end of the growing season, this flowerbed was almost a solid mass of plants, all of them blooming and healthy. 

I’ve received a lot of compliments on the flowerbeds, but I acknowledge where the real expertise comes from. I just plant them. God makes them grow. A few people sort of snickered about that, until the middle of December 2017. 

By that time, we’d had numerous snowfalls and temperatures had fallen to below 0 F / -18 C a few times. Yet, the snapdragons, which are not hardy perennials, were still blooming! Some of the marigolds, also an annual, were also still in bloom. 

In fact, there are new leaves on the snapdragons right now, in 2018. That is really something for an annual plant that kept growing all winter long and still shows no sign of stopping. It definitely isn’t due to any special talent that I have. 

Written by Rex Trulove