Fortune (8/11)

Fortune is also one of the retainers on this list. She was at 3rd spot previously and 8th spot on the 2nd update. Currently, she earns 108, 202 viril points and counting, earning her also a 5-star Legend rank.

She has a total of 14 badges (Wordsmith Buddy, Loyal Buddy, Beast, Bookworm, Smarty Pants, List Maker, Image Maker, Story Maker, Poll Maker, Quiz Maker, Level 4 Emoji Addict, Level 5 Up/Down Voter, 1 Year of Membership and a special badge called Verified User). 

She has 462 total posts as of today, 588 followers, and 53 compliments.

Her posts are mainly on interior designs, country recommendations, tourism, and some life hacks and tips. She also features top ten places to travel on some amazing cities and countries from around the world that makes her posts unique among others. If you like globetrotting, just simply keep posted and follow Fortune coz she will definitely spell you out the words like “wonder”  and “wander “

Labrador Retriever  was her first blog posted 10 months ago that currently earns her 19 up-votes, 1 share, 292 views, and 7 comments.

The name Fortune has brought her luck and good fortune for keeping up on the recent list. Travel blogs really brought Fortune on the list, and that’s the flabbergasting fact. Keep up the good work Fortune!


Written by Trafalgar Law

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