Norman Darlington (6/11)

Norman Darlington is among the retainers in this list. He previously stayed too long at the top spot for more than half a year, but my friend is gentleman enough to give his way to Carol at peak position. He was previously at 2nd spot and 3rd spot on my 2nd update. He currently earns 140, 609 viril points and counting, that earned him also a 5-star Legend rank.

He currently has 16 badges (Wordsmith Buddy, Loyal Buddy, Beast, Bookworm, Smarty Pants, Buddy Boss,  List Maker, Quiz Maker, Story Maker, Poll Maker, Embed Maker, Image Maker, Level 5 Emoji Addict, Level 4 Up/Down Voter, 1 Year of Membership and a special badge called Verified User). 

As of today, he has 322 total posts, 554 followers, and 59 compliments.

His posts are mostly on general knowledge quizzes in different series, especially in landmarks, countries, English words and grammar, and some variety of informative mind-boggling challenging quizzes. He also posts on some puzzles, garden plants, and latest events. If knowledge is what you are craving for and some fun facts too, just look for Norman, coz he will do some jumpstart on your brain cells. 

How good is your English? (Part 1) is Norman’s first post published 10 months ago. It currenty earns him a whooping 1.3k shares, 656 views, 58 comments, and 29 up-votes.

Thanks for keeping up at the list Norman. You are one of Virily’s most promising bloggers. You deserve the spot on the list. Just keep the spirit alive and passion ablaze!


Written by Trafalgar Law

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