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How good is your English? (Part 1)

Just how good is your English? Take this quiz and find out!

  • Question of

    I can’t go out, as I’ve _____ of work to finish

    • allot
    • a lot
    • alot
    • too
  • Question of

    Kathy stayed home with Mark and _____

    • me
    • Iself
    • I
    • myselves
  • Question of

    Keith was afraid he would _____ his money

    • loose
    • lost
    • loos
    • lose
  • Question of

    Kylie ____ in bed all day, every day!

    • laze
    • lays
    • lying
    • lies
  • Question of

    My eyes water when I ____ an onion

    • peel
    • pith


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  1. 3. But I knew the answers, but got confused anyways. Cool quiz! I’m a writer so I always want to improve on my writing skills. β™₯ I didn’t know they would let you publish quizzes with 5 questions though. I thought the minimum was 8.


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