Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge “, which is poznatji called” Mathematics “, admiration for the way it was built. Even though the arc-shaped, built from straight beams. In order to ensure this, visitors to Cambridge are going to sail on the river Kem to look around and see the bridge from all sides. Because of specific and “smart” construction method, which is preserved even after the restoration of the bridge provided the nickname of “Mathematics”. Legends that are tied to the same bridge are intriguing, as well as its shape. According to some theories, which are often listed in the guidebooks, the bridge was built by Isaac Newton. And without nails or screws, and all failed to prove that the laws of physics.


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  1. The theories are are pure myth! The Mathematical Bridge at Queens College Cambridge dates from 1749 – Newton died in 1727! It certainly has nails and fixings, otherwise the whole thing would collapse into the Cam!

    What makes it mathematical is the fact that it appears to be curved but consists entirely of perfectly straight timbers.

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