Wandering Greenwood (and twins sports)

Memories are like water. You can touch them, feel them but it isn’t always easy to hold them. They are meant, like water, to flow between the cracks and out into the universe. They are butterflies that in holding them, lose some parts of what they were. I send my water, my butterflies into the universe. It does not matter if they return or if they are even welcomed. They are sent to be there someday. To remind one person of one event that now passed was critical then.

Today sporting events the kids were a part of at the Greenwood YMCA. The YMCA was about 5 miles or so from our house (maybe a little more). My wife worked at the front desk there for a year or so, only part-time. She needed a chance to get out of the house, and for a time (I was on the road a lot then) get a break as a parent. The YMCA was a fun way to both make little extra money but also to have a chance to talk to other adults.

The kids did a lot of different sports there. As a child, I tried an aomost every sport you can. Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, track, and field, baseball, swimming and bowling. The only two I was even somewhat decent at was bowling and swimming. I later picked up golf, playing with my grandfather. But we didn’t play a competitive sport. We just considered it a good walk in a nice place. Not, as some have called golf, a good walk spoiled. Like me, the twins and my daughter didn’t excel at any of the team sports. But they tried many of them.


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Written by DocAndersen

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