Wander projects more on March birthdays…

Lot’s of pictures of various family members as well in the March birthday folder. March is an interesting month. Now, it is the month we get the boat ready to get back into the water. Normally somewhere around the middle of March after the last seasonal snow. Although, there have been snows in late March as well. But for the most part, it is simply cold. You can’t go all out on the boat in that first turn of the year, it is cold, and the water spray that feels so good in the summer cuts to the bone in the cold of early spring.

Spring is the eternal rebirth of the world around us, the moment when we stop looking inward and again focus outside of the world inside. There is a great line from the television show “The Big Bang Theory,” if outside is so great why have we spent thousands of years perfecting inside. In fact, I think it is because we need shelter from the worst of weather. When we first moved to Maryland, we had to think about weather differently.

I remember realizing that a hurricane could impact where we live. Perhaps not at the level it impacted cities around the world that are on the coastlines. But the winds, perhaps not 100 mph, but instead, 50 mph can have a huge impact. We started following hurricanes based on the eventual deluge of water. Funny how things change when you change your orientation. Observations are always impacted by the change in orientation.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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