Wander project winding our way to Annapolis MD!

The water going from Back Creek to the inner harbor was choppy. The first thing I did was check for life jackets. Based on what happened with the duck in Branson MI earlier this year, I wanted to make sure that not only did I know where they were, but that I could get to them. The issue for me initially as the realization that there were three kids on board as well. I am a good swimmer, my wife is a good swimmer, but the minute you add kids toa situation it changes things. The water taxi doesn’t have to follow the channel out and around to get into Annapolis inner harbor. We did on Saturday, but that was more the Captain making sure the ride wasn’t horrible. Like I said the water was pretty rough.

One of the things I noted on the way was the lack of boats out and about. It is getting close to the time of year when boats begin to head towards land (winterization). There will be fewer and fewer boats in the water starting the first week of September and rolling all the way through November. There are people that live on their boats; they have them in the water year round. They often don’t take their boats out as much during the year. Instead of enjoying the boating life without ever leaving the docks! We were cruising a path we have taken many times. This was the first time we went from Back Creek to Annapolis when we weren’t on our boat while making the trip.

The water taxies are owned by the cruise company (Watermark) we’ve done their cruises (very nice). That means that the water taxi’s actually moor/dock/arrive in the old City Harbor of Annapolis. What once was a thriving shipping hub. Before the advent of larger ships, Annapolis was one of the business ports in North America. It gave you access to Baltimore, DC and the area around those two great cities. You could come in fully loaded with goods, and leave fully loaded with other goods! You had access to the entire Chesapeake basin, so a whole lot of different stuff produced in that area. The wooden ships didn’t displace as much water as the larger container ships do. The inner harbor of Annapolis is now devoted to personal and pleasure craft. Larger vessels can’t moor because it is too shallow.


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