Wander project what my father saw…

The moments that we stop and in looking at the moment, capture it forever. Today the Autumn folder is the starting point. First, you have to have a camera with you. How many were billions of pictures never captured because the camera was at home? Beyond that even more, billions of pictures missed because as the person dug for their cell phone or their camera what they were looking at changed/ When you consider that then each unique picture becomes even more interesting. The number of lens cap pictures/the number missed pictures results in the equation, the cost of the pictures missed. Or perhaps not the cost of pictures missed but the memory of moments we don’t see.

I often find myself wondering what pictures were before and after the ones I have. With a digital camera, I am still subject to the first two realities (not having the camera and not getting it out of my pocket in time) but because memory cards are cheap and reusable I am not bound to 36, 24 or 12 pictures before stopping and replacing the cartridge, film and so on. The action camera craze, always on while you are biking or sky diving, is an outcome of missing pictures I am sure. Not the driver for the cameras worn on your forehead. But a contributor to the always-on camera when doing extreme sports or when out and about doing something capture worthy.

But there is yet one more side to this concept, conversation. That is the reality of choosing. Choice, picking to take a picture. We as humans have a desire to capture and share. To be able to reflect on the things we captured. Look, I took this picture in Paris. Or this picture was taken when my child was born. These pictures were taken of a car accident I was in. These are of my child’s confirmation. These are from my child’s wedding. These are of my parents. Every we remember tied to the images. It is the moments we do not have, however, that now I wonder about. I have movies my grandfather took in 1948. They show people but have no sound. I have pictures from the 1950s that show a specific moment and event. I wonder about the ones that were missed…


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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