Wander project wander (the angry business traveler glaring at you)!

Over the course of many years, I have spent time in many places. I have lived in Chicago, Greenwood, Bloomington, Cincinnati and Maryland as well as Bangkok. In all those wanders I’ve often found my way to many different and interesting things. Time passes and travel changes. Once I traveled as a child, no real understanding of the destination. Then I traveled as an adult wishing in fact that I wasn’t traveling, that I was home instead.

That is the interesting change, however, in that once I traveled with my parents, they were responsible for everything. Where we were going, hotels and places to live. I just had to carry my bag and not fall far behind. Then there was a time, as a business person that I traveled alone. Do you, when traveling wonder why the business people are frustrated, angry and glaring at everyone? They are traveling alone, light and agile.

When you stand in line with your shoes on, your cell phone in your pocket and your keys as well, going through the metal detection five, six or seven times it drives that business traveler nuts. They were prepared for the security rules, knowing what was going to have to come out of their pockets and bags so that they could pass through security. The frustration was real, over time you began to realize that it didn’t matter. If you started out late, you got there late.


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Written by DocAndersen

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